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Malaysia Signature Dessert

One Bite Puff ®

Best Durian Puff in town! Taste Better specializes in using exotic tropical fruits and gives you the exploding feeling that you will never forget in one single bite. Taste Better is a bakery dessert retail company that first started in Malaysia, currently expanding in Singapore, Indonesia and China. We strive to provide the best tasting memories by using natural exotic fruits and present them in the our signature explosive puff to our customers. A must try dessert that you should not miss. We are able to turn the seasonal exotic fruits, such as Durian, cempedak and soursop to be available at all time. Our tropical fruit puffs and ice creams have become the star products in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia or China.

 An experience that should not be missed ! 

Taste Better strives to deliver the best tasting experience to our customers. Our puffs are all freshly baked on site, together with open concept kitchen, our customers can enjoy the whole baking process by our chefs. 

Puffs Sold Every Year
Durians from Local Farmers
Opened until now

Taste Better Group

is rapidly expanding and gaining popularity since 2009. Currently, we have 30 branches set up all over Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and China,  with our headquarter situated in Johor Bahru. Most of our retail bakery outlets are located in popular tourist spots and highly populated cities. With a total team of 80-100 staff members, we work tirelessly day and night to bring the best tropical fruit dessert to you!

Types of Retail Outlets


Taste Better concept store offers comfortable seating area for our customers to dine in while they can enjoy our specially prepared puffs. We also provide take away service. This type of store is recommended for shopping malls with the size of 250-500 square feet.


Kiosk concept is mainly for take away business. Island kiosk with limited seating can be implemented as the best combination for take away and dine in model. This type of store is recommended in high traffic area in shopping malls and tourist attractions. Size will be between 100 to 350 square feet.

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