Taste Better specialty shops mainly focused on using simple, colourful design, and modern decorations.

With a principle of freshly bake concept, Our shops use open concept kitchen to allow our customers to enjoy the whole baking process by our chefs. At the same time, we ensure the quality, freshness, close proximity and best tasting experience to our customers .

So what are you waiting for? Track the nearest Taste Better Outlet to you and go savor the delicacy of tropical fruit flavored puffs and Ice creams! Let your sweet tooth get the best of you! 

  • Simple & Colourful
  • Modern Decorations
  • Open Concept Kitchen
  • Ensurance of Quality
  • Strong & Innovation R&D
  • Pork Free & Daily Fresh Bake



We aim to provide the most exotic of flavors to our locals as well as international clients. Our retail outlets feature open live kitchens so our customers can fully be satisfied with the quality of food they are being offered. We use fresh, natural and organic products in the making of all our items and we only sale them until they are fresh.


Freshness: daily freshly baked puffs. No puff is allowed to be kept overnight through a strict program. We adhere strictly to this principle to ensure our customers enjoy the freshest ingredient in our puff. TB uses class A growing techniques to protect the environment, operations adhere to strict thorough checks from the fruit origin to the store to ensure food safety for our customers. Our company is also certified with food hygiene HACCP standard and halal food certification permit.

Taste Better has a strong product development team, who is responsible for developing new products every year, improving the taste profile of the current market trend and promoting festive products. We have invested RM 2 million in johor bahru district headquarters to set up a special 10,000 -square-foot central kitchen and a training center in 2010.

Our Philosophy

We promoting products that are using fresh exotic tropical fruits without flavoring and preservative to our consumers.

100% pure fresh fruits origin from local farmers.


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